Fly By Jing is a celebration of the vibrant street food culture of Sichuan.  Inspired by the bustling "fly restaurants" of Chengdu, old school eateries that are so good they're said to attract diners like flies, my aim is to share flavors and experiences that capture this spirit.  

I was born in Chengdu and lived there until age five, when my family began migrating across the globe from country to country, eventually settling in Canada. We may have left my hometown, but my taste buds never did. Every visit back was a chance to sit at my grandparents' kitchen table, revisiting the epic street snacks of my childhood, learning techniques and traditions passed down for generations, and most importantly, reconnecting with my family through our common language of food.

As I grew up and my passion for cooking became a profession, I found myself returning to my roots, inspired by the culinary complexity, ever-evolving spirit, and often underappreciated status of Sichuan food.  Determined to share my love for this incredible food culture, I began cooking at markets and pop ups, crafting a line of artisanal Sichuan sauces and condiments, and launching a Supper Club bringing people together around my dinner table. 

Mine is a new take and slow approach to classic Sichuan soul food, aiming to preserve a piece of culinary history and reviving it through a line of handmade food products and dining experiences in Shanghai and around the world. Fly By Jing provides a modern insight into Sichuan food culture, bringing it to life through simple and beautiful shared experiences. 

- Jing




We've crafted a line of artisan food products aimed at bringing uncompromising flavor into your life, using the finest ingredients sourced from across China with no additives and flavoring agents. Explore our full line of products, including chili oils, noodle and dumpling sauces, cooking condiments, and healthy drinking vinegars.


Supper clubs & PRIVATE dining

We run a monthly Supper Club from our studio in Shanghai, and also Private Dining upon request. Our Supperclub occurs twice monthly, where we invite 10 diners to come together around our table to experience a multi-course tasting menu.  Private Dining provides the opportunity for a group of friends to book our table of 10 for one night. Please contact us for bookings and inquiries. 



Occasionally, we cook at pop-up events in Shanghai and cities around the world. We love to travel and share our love for Sichuan cuisine with others. Please visit our Events page and follow us on Social Media for the latest dates. If you would like Fly By Jing to pop up in your city, please get in touch with us at



We love to share the joy of cooking classic Sichuan dishes with others. Several times a month, we host cooking workshops in our studio in Shanghai, sharing the secrets behind Sichuan's famous 'Sweet Water Noodles', 'Zhong Dumplings', our popular Sichuan Chili Crisp sauce, naturally fermented Sichuan pickles, and more. Please contact us for classes and bookings.